Asking price: *SOLD*

TT Airframe: 3,600
Cycles (Ldg): 3,000
Engine LH: 0 hours TTSO / 3,600 TSNEW
Engine RH: 0 hours TTSO / 3,600 TSNEW
Propeller Hartzell HC-E5N-3A/AL
LH: 3,600 TSNEW RH: 3,600 TSNEW


Increased Engine TBO interval from 3600 hours to 4100 hours in AirGO operation only
Commercially operated under German AOC DE-102 EASA-OPS / All SB current
AirGO is the most experienced Avanti operator in Europe with the biggest Avanti fleet in Europe. No enrolment fee for commercial operation, no ground time needed during owner change
Fully commercial equipment included, experienced pilots – Just buy and fly!

Fresh D-check & Engine Overhaul ADSB out & LPV approaches
SB Oil Refill Panel
Polished Leading Edges
New carpet / overhauled leather

Satellite Phone Air Cell ST3100
Upgrade for Integrated Flight Information Collins IFIS 5000
Electronic Charts Collins ECH 5000 and
Maps Overlay Collins OVL 5000
Paperless Cockpit & Steep Approach Approval LCY Second GPS Garmin 400
Max Take Off Weight Increase (12,100 lbs)


top View


Avionics: Collins Pro-Line 21 – UPGRADE IFIS 5000
Radio Management System – Collins RTU-4200, CDU-3000
Dual VHF COM – Collins VHF-4000 Transceiver with Antenna with 8.33 kHz spacing 
 VHF NAV 1 + ADF – Collins NAV-4000 VOR/ILS/MKR/ADF Receiver with Antennae 
 VHF NAV 2 – Collins NAV-4500 VOR/ILS/MKR Receiver with Antennae
Single DME – Collins DME-4000 (3 channel) with Antenna
Dual Mode S Flight ID Diversity Transponder – Collins TDR-94D
Radio Altimeter – Collins ALT-4000 (Operation to 2500 ft) with Antennae
Turbulence Detection Weather Radar – Collins RTA-852 Color Radar with 12″ Antenna
TCAS I – L-3 Communications SkyWatch HP model SKY899
TAWS Class B with Worldwide Database – L-3 Landmark TAWS 8000
Dual Audio Panel – Baker B1045
Dual Cockpit Speaker
Dual hand-held Microphone 
/ Dual Boom/Microphone/Headset
EFIS with EIS – Three Collins displays AFD-3010, two DCP-3030, CCP-3000
Flight Guidance System – Collins Dual FGC-3003 (A/P, YD and dual Flight Director 
included), three SVO-3000 Servos, single FGP-3000 Flight Guidance Panel
Single FMS – Collins FMC-3000 (NAV to NAV and VNAV), CDU-3000 (used also for radio tuning), 
GPS Sensor Unit – Collins GPS-4000A
Second GPS Garmin 400
Dual ADS – Collins ADC-3000
Dual AHRS – Collins AHC-3000 and FDU-3000
Maintenance Diagnostic System – Collins MDC-3110
Four Data Concentrator Unit – Collins DCU-3001
Stand-by Cluster Instrument – L-3 Communications GH-3100 
 Emergency Locator Transmitter – Techtest Model 503 (3 frequency) 
 Dual Clock (Flight Hour Meter included)
Dual Master Annunciator
Dual Turn & Slip Indicator (shown on the displays) 
 Reversionary/Miscellaneous Panel
RVSM Compliant


VIP Corporate Interiors – Option 3 floorplan (5 seats + 2-seat divan)


Satellite Phone Air Cell ST3100
VIP – 7 Seats Cabin Arrangement (Option 3)
Four single passenger seats in club arrangement
One single forward-facing passenger club seat.
Two-place divan
Fully enclosed lavatory with flushing potty, sink with water system and coat closet Dual executive tables
Under seat stowage floor drawers
Pyramid with ice chest and miscellaneous storage 
 Grey leather upholstering, deep-print insert lining. 
 110 VAC power outlets
Sheep skin for pilot seats